Fluorescent by noir kei ninomiya For Fall/Winter 2022

Through the use of fabric and color, noir kei ninomiya creates a new world through fashion. 

For the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, noir kei ninomiya looks to neon colors to brighten up her signature black color palette. Looking to phosphorescent materials, Ninomiya creates a new vibrant world for the brand. 

Another product of Rei Kawakubo’s mentoring, Ninomiya uses avant garde techniques to elevate his looks from basic to extravagant. In this collection, there’s an organic, earthy theme that can be seen throughout the designs. Bright neon green detailing resembles algae or moss, clusters of strings with white dots on the end bring antenna and seaweed like motifs to the mix. Dresses made of bundles of tulle and white stitching create the Earth, and horizontally laid chain mail replicate fish scales. All of these different detailings play into the organic motif that fuels the collection. Ninomiya is creating his own “world” through clothing, and showcasing the different aspects of the planet through subtle detailings. They make the collection cohesive, and create a story for each garment. 

3D textures play a role in the liveliness of the line as well. Alongside the orbs, Ninomiya uses soft spike-like detailing, intricately woven tulle that resembles a cage, and wire to create dramatic necklaces and headpieces. The combination of these details with the bright neon colors on top of the black bases creates a dynamic and interesting look that’s elegant instead of overpowering. 

“Florescent” is an understatement when describing the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Each garment is a work of art, that serves its own purpose in the new world of noir kei ninomiya.

See the full show below

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