Focus on Intimacy and Softness with Brioni’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Brioni’s new collection is here and it’s all about maintaining a balanced life

Whilst some houses are concerned with being loud and using their collections as a way of showing off, Brioni is quite the opposite. With a focus on tailoring and garment construction, Brioni’s newest Fall/Winter collection is truly about care, intricacy, and forming a relationship with each piece, allowing each wearer to embody themselves through the garments. Timelessness, sophistication, and care are the three themes portrayed from season to season and this collection proved to be no different. Brioni prides itself on its research to acquire the finest materials and bring each piece to life.

The collection has an emphasis on movement and fluidity shown through the long and more relaxed-fitted garments including coats, shirts, and pants that maintain sophistication, whilst still allowing the body to move freely within each garment.

The softness and fluidity of this collection permit a sense of travel in a multitude of ways both physically and metaphorically. From traveling in time due to the longevity of each piece focusing on its history to its present to its future to traveling to and from places as each piece is fit for a multitude of occasions to traveling through the individual experience of the body wearing the garment. This collection’s materials are made to consider the individual’s well-being when wearing the clothing to ensure ultimate comfort.

The variety of pieces throughout this collection is evident and made to be both practical and stylish so that it can be worn in real time for almost any occasion. From tailored suits to anoraks to denim shirts to field jackets to knitwear, these pieces can truly be worn anywhere between the countryside and the office.

Brioni suits are an iconic closet staple due to their incredible quality and tailoring and are a crucial part of this collection. Suit jackets in this collection feature surprising materials such as silk, velvet, and recycled crocodile skin.

Through this collection, the house focuses on balance from the production of each garment to when it is worn. The house ensures the right balance in the time and research put into each piece through to when it is worn. Brioni hopes that through this collection individuals will embrace balance and embody each piece allowing individuals to be entirely themselves.

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