Follow Raf and Miuccia in Conversation for Prada SS21

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The ultimate fashion collaboration we’ve all been waiting for, Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada have debuted their first co-designed collection for Prada Womenswear Spring/Summer 2021, Prada Donna.

The beginning of an intriguing meeting of major fashion minds, Prada’s co-creative directors took this opportunity to explore Prada’s fundamental being as a brand and question how they could marry that with more contemporary ideas. Simons, beloved among a younger fashion audience, is certainly a solid choice in the reexamination of the heritage brand that has long rested at the helm of high fashion. This fresh voice at Prada, mixed with the ideas of a brand expert, provides a whole new perspective on the future of the brand and the endless possibilities they can explore.

In addition to already eager to explore what’s next for Prada, restrictions placed on fashion presentations in the time of a global pandemic have served as further inspiration. This collection is viewed as a sign of the times, a reaction to what is taking place in the world around us, and technology is a central point, as we rely on it now more than ever.

A myriad of screens and cameras hang in the center of this socially distant show like a chandelier, becoming a piece of decor and a part of the show, virtually projecting it around the world. The show itself brings a new take to the idea of the uniform, ranging from sleek and straightforward outfits that simply show the Prada logo, with variations of a Raf-style look of an oversized hoodie over a turtleneck and long, flared skirt. Many looks in the show play off of each other, only slightly changing their meanings by different uses of fabrics and prints.

The collection relies on the wrap at the center of the uniform, models holding wraps around them with their hands, with subtle variations changing our whole interpretation of the uniform look. To further disrupt these uniform silhouettes and pairings, prints and artworks from Peter de Potter cover certain garments. The clearest examples of this meeting of different aesthetics and different worlds, Raf and Miuccia, can be seen in de Potter’s artworks over traditional Prada prints. The clothes themselves are refined and uncomplicated, allowing the fabric variations and progressive artworks to speak for themselves.

Following the Prada SS21 livestream, the pair continued their conversation verbally, answering audience questions and providing their expert advice.

It’s also worth noting that this is each model’s runway debut, representing a true beginning, not just for them, but ultimately for Prada as well. Prada is letting the audience know that they are headed in a new direction, bringing about fresh faces, though a genuine brand refresh would include greater diversity, both on the runway and behind the scenes, which we hope to see in future.

This collection marks the start of a greater conversation on fashion’s role today, and whether it will continue to be between Simons and Prada, or between Simons, Prada, and the viewer, or simply the fashion world and Prada as a whole, we’re excited to listen in.


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