Milan’s famous art center, Fondazione Prada, is paying tribute to famous director Jean Luc-Godard by renaming its cinema in his honor. The name change coincides with the center’s retrospective on the creator’s vast filmography, open now until December 2023. Godard has already created two installations for the Fondazione Prada, including “Le Studio d’Orphée” and “Accent-sœur.”

Courtesy of Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada has a history of supporting film, creating a cinema program in 2015 to showcase a wide array of genres and generate discussion within a diverse environment. The institution is also the only one worldwide to host two permanent projects by Godard, with “Le Studio d’Orphée” acting as a recreation of his atelier in a gallery while projecting his 2018 film Le Livre d’image. “Accent-sœur,” on the other hand, is an audio installation narrating the history of the seventh art.

Courtesy of Fondazione Prada

Miuccia Prada is excited about the memorial name and believes it will help to inspire filmmakers, both young and old, for years to come. “Cinema is a laboratory for new ideas and a space of cultural education—for this reason, we have decided to name our movie theater after Jean-Luc Godard,” says Prada in a statement. “His work’s experimental and visionary power is a constant inspiration to renew our foundation’s commitment to spread cinematographic and visual languages and explore emerging narrative forms by activating a place where people can understand the world and their lives.”

Courtesy of Prada Fondazione

In the hopes of continuing Godard’s legacy of inspiring young cinephiles and artists, Cinema Godard is offering a broad program of films starting in September, including themed screenings, previews, and restored movies. Each month’s program will have a specific theme in order to expand and engage its audience.

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