For Your Next Zoom Conference: Euphoria Inspired Make-Up Tutorials

Read this before you ‘Marie Kondo’ your makeup drawer.

There’s something subversive about a bare face: to be a woman/femme and break down what’s ‘presentable’ is less a ‘f*ck it’ than a redirection of time and resources, especially under quarantine. Still, in especially uncontrollable times, glossy eyelids and tinted brows provide an odd sense of normalcy. For many, your eyeshadow becomes the armor with which you face everyday realities; or, at the very least, content for your next instagram post. 

For those looking to self-isolate in style, Euphoria’s Kirsten Sage Coleman is hosting a Zoom beauty tutorial on Friday, May 15. 

Photo: Doniella Davy (@donni.davy) on Instagram

Euphoria has become canonized for looks predicated on escapism: while not quite faced with a pandemic, characters navigate a harrowing twenty-first century adolescence embedded with intimacy, eroticism, and violence. Coleman (alongside a team led by Doniella Davy) crafts a hyper-stylized aesthetic of fluorescence, purposefully complicating characters’ precocious development. Make-up is more than a (very glittery) facade, allowing for self-experimentation and expression. 

The effect? We all might’ve tried a few failed Euphoria-esque photoshoots after our second (or seventh) rewatch. While we anxiously await the second season, the Zoom tutorial offers a chance to aspire to the self-assured ‘Kat Hernandez’, an effervescent Maddie Perez, or to create an entirely new look of your own. Tldr; don’t get rid of that one ‘too extra’ eyeshadow you bought in 2017. 

And while you might not get to partake in the trials and tribulations of Rue and Jules, we could all use some lacquered lips to disrupt the monotony. The tutorial has filled quickly (we have too much time on our hands), but don’t forget to keep an eye out for any changes or openings. Of course, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and hope to see a bold cat-eye from six feet away. 

Photo: Kirsten Sage Coleman (@kirinrider) on Instagram

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