Jil Sander has dreamed big with their new Men’s Resort collection for the 2024 season. The collection moves away from traditional style, broadening the definitions of form and function as they relate to silhouettes.

Courtesy of Jil Sander

The house debuts fresh take on the classic suit, as long trousers become interchangeable with shorts and can be worn with jackets and shirt jackets. Creative design duo Lucie and Luke Meier took this collection as a chance to break boundaries, working closely with the construction of designs. Aypical shirt design is elevated with chic high-collared tops, mesh T-shirts, and a myriad of knits. 

What is most striking about this work is its experimenting with shape. Form is an integral point of focus for each garment; the half breasted jackets evoke a sense of sophistication and strength with its angular fit, devolping a balance between aesthetics and wearability, with generous sleeves, the jacket maintains its function. Trousers are plush and with great breadth, while the shorts come in a more tailored look. The contrasting fits of these clothes creates a dynamic wardrobe, while remaining comfortable.The clothes are meant to be worn, meant to be lived in, but still showcase the hard work and artistry it took to create these garments. The foundational elements of the suit are picked apart and reinvented in this line in a way that creates dimension and an overall complex look.

This imagination expands into the rest of the collection, with a multitude of outerwear options. There is a certain richness to the golden wool and ivory jacquard – equally represented in the women’s line. Raincoats come in a chic new look with a short tailoring and metal accents. A dash of subtle elegance comes in the form of the gray A-shaped trench coat. 

The combinations of textures seen in both the men’s and women’s lines is ingenious. The pairings have an inherent depth to them, each outfit a delight to the eye as fine leathers stand out against creamy cashmeres. There is an impressive initiative to experiment with different fabrics, the inclusions of Japanese and Italian wools and light cottons. The knitwear truly showcases the brands artistic touch with intricately  designed embossments, crochet inserts, and jaquarad prints in “Lucious

Courtesy of Jil Sander

The colors bring a delightful juxtaposition, pastel yellows, lilacs and pinks melt softly into the cream and butter shades; this softness with the bolder metallic gray and bright sun yellow and azure. There is a deeper, almost sensual tone to the rich forest greens, chocolates, blacks and golds of the beautiful V-neck ribbed cashmere jumper. 

The line is completed with a fine assortment of luxury footwear and bags that combines the function of sport with a cosmopolitan feel. Sleek sneakers are comfortable and suave compared to the industrial vulcanized boots with macro rubber soles. The bags are impressively designed ranging in size from the massive plush totes to smaller handbags, sandwich bags, multi-colored bags, and envelope folios.

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