Fragrance Launch: Chloë Sevigny’s Holy Water

The actress and perennial fashion girl dabs at Dover Street Market.

Chloë Sevigny’s first fragrance has bloomed. A rose-forward collab with boutique L.A. perfumery Regime des Fleurs, “Little Flower” by Regime des Fleurs is a culmination of Sevigny’s sixth sense for taste-making, kicked up with notes of black tea, pomelo and blackcurrant. The scent, officially dropped yesterday and available via Dover Street Market, found a fitting launch-party venue at the department store’s New York location, a one-time stockist of Sevigny’s erstwhile daily dab. “I have always loved the scent of rose, and for years and years I wore [one] that eventually got discontinued,” Sevigny tells V. “[After that] I tried a lot of different rose scents, but was just not finding the right thing.” 

Rather than settle for substitution, Sevigny called on Evan Wood, her former red-carpet stylist who has operated Regime des Fleurs, alongside Alia Raza, since 2014. “[Evan] started styling me [when he was] just a year out of high school,” Sevigny recalls. “But we’d also go out dancing, and I just adored him, so we have always maintained a friendship.” Like Sevigny, Wood and Raza have a nose for nonconformity: For a candle launch back in 2016, the duo penned a poem entitled “Prayer to St. Therese,” written for Sevigny and performed by the actress during New York Fashion Week. 

The poem’s namesake—a 19th-century French nun called St. Therese of Lisieux—is also that of Sevigny and Regime des Fleurs’ most recent collaboration: As the patron saint of florists, St. Therese went by the sobriquet “Little Flower.” And while Sevigny’s scene has always leaned more downtown than devout, the obscure figure held a surprising significance for the Queen & Slim star. “I hadn’t heard of [St. Therese], but my mom had,” she explains. “[She] was raised Polish Catholic, and went to mass every day of her life, including while she was in college.”

Sacrament aside, “Little Flower,” with its gilded glass vile and campaign by Inez and Vinoodh and Haley Wollens, is a rose that’s sure to attract believers and laypeople alike. “It’s really fresh and nothing like the regular, run of the mill celebrity fragrance,” Sevigny adds. “It’s just dope and it’s classy.”

“Little Flower” by Regime des Fleurs is available online and at Dover Street Market.

Chloë Sevigny in the perfume lab (photo: Alex Phillipe Cohen)
Chloë Sevigny at DSMNY launch party for “Little Flower” by Regime des Fleurs (photo: Janet Mayer)
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