Fred Perry and Raf Simons Are Bringing Back ’80s Youth Culture

In an iconic collaboration between the two brands, photographs of underground London nightlife by Brian Flynn are featured across classic silhouettes.

In a reinterpretation of classic cuts and timeless design, Raf Simons redefines the vocabulary of Fred Perry, bringing energetic influences inspired by London’s nightlife in the ‘80s.

The collaboration between the two iconic brands sees a fusion of style and ethos, charged by the subculture and energy of youth. Raf Simons approaches Fred Perry’s archived styles with a distinctly individualistic eye, capturing the effortless elegance of Raf Simons with the British heritage and exuberance of Fred Perry.

“A polo shirt is a polo shirt, but the Fred Perry polo shirt always brings a vibe of youth subculture,” says Raf Simons.


The collection adorns images taken by noted gig-goer Brian Flynn onto patches with raw edges, giving tees, hoodies, blazers and overcoats a handsewn, DIY aesthetic, nodding to the raw fan culture of the late 20th century. 


“I’d just left school and was training to be a builder,” said Flynn of his nights out between April ‘82 to ‘83. With his miniature Kodak Ektralight camera, he famously documented nights at the 100 Club on Oxford Street, giving a keen look at the electrifying energy of the music basement over the course of his 45 nights spent out there.

“It was the first time I was earning money and I bought a camera to capture my nights out with friends. I’d put my film in to be processed before work at 8 AM and pick it up after work at 5 PM, selecting the best ones for a photo album I still treasure today.” 


Flynn’s images give punk expression to the well-mannered codes of Raf Simons and Fred Perry. A white blazer includes his images as a handwritten embroidered graphic, while a 100% impermeable cotton overcoat in icy white features printed patches, a punk badge and Raf Simons graphic signature. 

Tones of black, white, crimson and pastel pink make up the collection, recalling retro times and bringing them into contemporary trends on a sleek, put-together palette emulating the core of Raf Simons and Fred Perry.


The brands are redefining punk rock subculture, rewriting the past to bring into the present, seamlessly merging today’s youth with the expressive, personal vibe of the ‘80s. 

Shop the Fred Perry x Raf Simons collection here on May 13th.

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