From Behind the Scenes: Celebrities Who Have Shined a Light on Depression

From Behind the Scenes: Celebrities Who Have Shined a Light on Depression

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From Behind the Scenes: Celebrities Who Have Shined a Light on Depression

Depression doesn't discriminate. Whether rich or poor, quiet, or world-famous, depression is the most common mental illness globally. More than 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression, making it the leading cause of disability, and its healthcare burdens are staggering. Many people believe that celebrities have everything, but sometimes there are dark truths regarding mental illness no one wants to talk about. In a recent conversation, Success Coach and Entrepreneur Reeve Yew spoke about celebrity depression. Understanding the impact depression has on one's life makes it even more important to speak out and see that you aren't suffering alone.

"So many people now, especially in the social media age, share the perfection in their lives leading others down a dark path of comparison," explains Reeve. "Showing others how you overcame your struggles is what brings us to the other side. It is what brings us together." Reeve shares three celebrities who were brave enough to come forward with their experiences. 

Rob Delaney

As Rob Delaney's career was taking off, his son was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age two, which he eventually succumbed to. The comic behind Catastrophe opened up to The Guardian with his struggles with depression, leading him to contemplate suicide. It was then that he realized he needed to make a change. "Rob's story is incredibly empowering because here you have a good man with a solid work ethic working through something that no family deserves," states Reeve. "Rob stepped up for his family, showing them what life is about while fighting his demons. By opening his experience up to the world, he told other families going through the pain of terminal illness that you are not alone."

Cara Delevingne

Model and actress Cara Delevingne realized she had depression as a teenager. "Cara proves that depression can hit at any age, and prompt treatment is essential to living a healthy life," says Reeve. Cara shared her story with The Edit admitting that she had to take a break from school to receive treatment. "Our children and young people should never feel scared to speak out if they are depressed. If they feel something isn't right," states Reeve. "We need to show them that help is always there." Tired of insecurity driving her to turn her anger onto herself, Cara took the appropriate steps to combat it, ensuring she is in a healthy mindset. 

Gina Rodriguez

Speaking candidly at the Kennedy Forum, Gina Rodriguez opened up about her personal story with depression and suicidal thoughts. The 'Jane the Virgin' star started experiencing depressed thoughts at age 16, thinking that life would better if she were just gone. "Gina proves how increased pressure can break someone down while showing them how to get right back up," describes Reeve. "Her story is one of resilience proving how we can take our power back from depression." With young fans listening, Gina took to her platform to show that going after your dreams can be challenging, but you are worth it.

Depression is highly treatable, but anywhere from 76%-85% of people suffering do not get treatment due to social and economic barriers. As we set out from behind the curtain of depression, we change that narrative and help others get the help they need. 


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