From Venice to Venice: Inside Golden Goose’s 20th Anniversary Event

The luxury label’s celebration included a live skate performance, private dinner and candlelit musical show.

In the year that marks 1600 of Venice, Golden Goose is celebrating the Italian city’s history with a performance coinciding with the luxury label’s 20th anniversary in the land of its roots.

Image via Golden Goose

The brand recently announced its first official partnership with skateboarding Olympian Cory Juneau of Team USA, who won his first bronze at Tokyo 2020, making major moves for Golden Goose in the world of skate and lifestyle. 

This year, Golden Goose and Italian skate brand Bastard are revitalizing the iconic skate bowl at Venice Film Festival, with Junezu and other skaters performing on the water of Venice Lagoon. The unique performance was accompanied by beats from DJ Brina Knauss.

Image via Golden Goose

Following the unique skate performance on September 6, Golden Goose treated guests—including Andrea Damante, Valentina Pergorer, Enula, skateboarder Rune Glifberg and actress Caterina Shulha—to dinner at Venice Venice Hotel with a live, candlelit performance by Mafalda, giving a preview of the exclusive concept not yet open to the public; a mixture of timelessness and fine artisanship, the Hotel is unparalleled in the world of dreamers, just like Golden Goose.

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