Full Circle Love Affair: J.Lo and Ben Affleck Tie The Knot

Once upon a time, Jennifer Lopez became Jennifer Lynn Affleck.

On Saturday, July 16, two-megawatt celebs got hitched. Who could it be, you might ask? Judging by the title of this article, I’m sure your hunch is correct. The Bronx-bred bombshell, Grammy award-winning Jennifer Lopez, officially pledged her everlasting love to the Good Will Hunting star, Ben Affleck. In a rare occurrence among Hollywood icons, Lopez also filed for a name change, officially adopting, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck as her own. 

After 20 years in the making, the couple finally decided to tie the knot just after midnight at The White Chapel in Las Vegas. Over the long timespan (and relationships) accumulated over the past couple decades, the two went full circle back to each other, announcing their engagement (for the 2nd time) this past April. To which Affleck initiated a surprise proposal to Lopez while she was soaking in a bubble bath. 

It’s admirable really that two ultra-famed celebrities managed to resurrected the genuine admiration they shared for each other since 2002 amidst the countless affairs that must have been presented to them throughout the years. How did they find their way back? After initially meeting on set in 2001 for the box office flop Gigli, in which critics claimed the two’s chemistry did not translate onto the screen, they engaged for the first time in November 2002. Though due to the incoming attack, oops, I mean age, of the tabloids, the two called off their love affair due to the excessive media circus that encircled them at the time. After the fallout, the two kept from severing all ties and, in the midst, offered nothing but supportive commentary to the press, in spite of the fact that both were involved in separate affairs at the time. 

In April 2021, rumors set forth of their rekindlement when Affleck was spotted in a white SUV, reportedly on his way to visit Lopez. Following a supposed “heart-to-heart” after the two separated from their respective partners. Through this, a spark was reignited, and the two’s relationship only progressed. Through Instagram admiration and Jumbotron PDA, the two’s undisputed romance resembles that of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. For a relationship that is nothing short of heartening, it’s safe to say you got our support.

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