Future of Fashion: Emporio Armani Spring 2022

Future of Fashion: Emporio Armani Spring 2022

Future of Fashion: Emporio Armani Spring 2022

Sporty silhouettes abound for Spring 2022

Sporty silhouettes abound for Spring 2022

Text: Gaby Messino

While other brands spent this fashion cycle looking to the past, Emporio Armani's collection looks to the future. Celebrating its 40 year anniversary, Emporio Armani was not held back by designs of the past, but drew inspiration from classic Armani tailoring. The garment structure looks toward something new and innovative, which is amplified by the futuristic catwalk.

The Spring Summer 2022 collection could be summarized as oversized but structured men's and women's looks. Floor-length coats, wide-leg cargo pants, and oversized shirts all share a similar rigidity despite their size. This is indicative of the highly tailored garments Armani is known for. The brand uses its structure to experiment with new garments through zipper placement, off-centered cuts, and belts.

The Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week show happened through a revolution of movements. The first segment of garments were entirely in navy blue and featured square patterning. These looks were a mix of business and casual-wear with simple but elegant structures and tones.

From there the collection blended into beige tones. These garments had more flow, yet were more focused on businesswear. They featured a collection of handbags whereas the opening displayed over-the-shoulder bags.

After, there were seven white outfits with zipper detailing. These garments had zip off pants and sleeves. They demonstrated the future of outdoor clothing, showing running shoes and bike shorts.

The longest movement in the runway show were a collection of brown utilitarian looks. With heavy stripe patterns these looks felt like a fashion future utopian future.

Then came a collection of pale blues and aquas flowing down the runway. These looks used sheer fabrics and featured tiny purses. And finally, the colors darkened in the last section with opaque blues and reds. This last section had elements of sailors through blue and red stripes. But it also featured fierce business looks with shiny fabrics.

The progression of these looks signifies the idea of starting in a desert, moving through an oasis and ending with vibrancy.

This vast collection felt like something out of a sci-fi film. Armani utilized deconstruction and dematerialization to achieve something new in these garments. It's strong but subdued cuts are made for the businesswomen of tomorrow.


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