Gabriela Hearst, Spring 2022 Ready-to-wear Collection

Known as a sustainable luxury brand, the eponym line Gabriela Hearst presented once again an elegant ethic ready-to-wear collection close to her roots.

Born in Uruguay, surrounded by horses and sheep, the fashion designer Gabriela Hearst grew up in a familial ranch at the heart of nature. Free, wild and creative, the self-made designer conceived timeless and ethical clothes which liberates everyone from movements.

Responsible, authentic and avant-garde, the new collection explores gender fluidity and blurs the barrier between women from men, as the enlighten attitude of her 14 years-old daughters partly influenced her vision.

Sublimating the bodies by elevating the silhouette and freeing everyone from social boxes is at the heart of the collection.

“In the past, androgyny was a privilege of deities, angels, holy rulers, and their lovers. They were regarded above all other forms of life because they were not chained to a form of thinking that separated women from men. Humans thought of themselves as limited and found comfort in such limitations, which they celebrated and around which they structured their knowledge of the world. Divinities, instead, fluidly moved above all those simplistic categorizations: they could embody them all without boundaries,” she quoted from Emanuele Lugli, an art history Professor at Stanford University.

Breaking the labels and questioning genders are not the only objective Gabriela Hearst successfully completed. Minimalist, elegant and organic the ultra-luxe knitwear made of recycled wool cashmere and merino dresses are filling the collection.

Each garment of the collection has been conceptualized to create a story for the ones who wear it.

Mainly yellow and black, the predominant colors that were enlightened by Hearst are combined with citrine, watermelon and botanical green, natural colors which invites to evasion. Presented on knit sweaters, swishy skirts and hand-crocheted patchwork peacock dresses, the high-skilled artisans work has been paid tribute to.

Marrying the creative inspiration of the artist Ana Martínez Orizondo, the contemporary collection evolves on the themes of ecology, spirituality and transformation. Art and fashion have been associated the obvious consciousness of our planet’s need.

Gabriela Hearst proves once again that the duality between luxury and the environment can be melting together if we wear what has been consciously produced.


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