A first for both sides, Gabriela Hearst pairs with Fueguia 1833 in her first step into the fragrance world, while this notes the first time Fueguia 1833 founder, Julian Bedel, has worked with a fashion designer. The New York and Paysandu scents are reflective of Bedel and Hearst’s intertwined values: a mutual affection for the planet, their childhoods in Uruguay, and a hunger for knowledge.

Courtesy of Gabriela Hearst

‘New York’ is the elopement of a woman’s strength and the essence of the city, both of which are meant to contrast Paysandu which draws directly from Hearst and Bedel’s roots.

Courtesy of Gabriela Hearst

Bedel adds that part of what drew him to the project was Hearst’s love for her homeland, and how it is everything she draws inspiration from. “Her concept was very seductive, not only because that Uruguayan botanical reality is where I also grew up- but because it synthesizes the way I approach the creation of Fueguia’s olfactive landscapes. We were the natural translators of her concepts into fragrances.” states Bedel.

‘Paysandu’ in particular was touching for both creators as they have personal ties to the scent that Hearst cites to be the essence of childhood nostalgia and nature. “The Marcela and the Carqueja found in my ranch in PaysandĂș are now, for the first time, found in a perfume, and are used to calm your nervous system,” Hearst adds. Hearst and Bedel worked together on this collection for two years as the scientific process pushed them into more creative realms.

With a limited release of only 315 editions of each scent, both are available in-store and online now on gabrielahearst.com and fueguia.eu.

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