Galantis, Pink Sweat$, Ship Wrek Talk New Track “Only A Fool”

The trio behind the newest dance track this Friday tell VMAN about how their collaboration came to be.

The new track “Only A Fool” dropped on Friday via Big Beat Records, spearheaded by the dance duo Galantis, rising R&B star Pink Sweat$, and the two DJs behind Ship Wrek. All three of the collaborators talked to VMAN about the track’s inspiration, how it was altered by the pandemic, and what advice they have for musicians right now.

Galantis recently released their third album Church, but the duo has been credited with being the brains behind hits for decades now; Bloodshy had worked on Britney Spears’ “Toxic” while Style of Eye masterminded “I Love It” by Icona Pop and Charli XCX. As for Pink Sweat$ and Ship Wrek, the former just signed to Atlantic Records and “Only A Fool” marks their first jump into the dance genre. Ship Wrek, made up of DJs Tripp Churchill and Collin Maguire, have seen their tracks played out by Jauz, The Chainsmokers, Diplo, and Dillon Francis.

VMAN What was the inspiration behind “Only A Fool”?

GALANTIS We’ve been in the studio making music non-stop during quarantine, and we were happy to work with our label mates Pink Sweat$ and Ship Wrek on this one. It’s a fun collab that brings some good vibes to a weird time.

PINK SWEAT$ “Only A Fool” is about a person that you’re deeply into but they’re not doing the right things. At the same time, you’re not perfect but you realize with love you can master imperfection. You’re not trying to fix everything wrong about someone but you’re able to acknowledge those things. Being able to tell them, I don’t like this part about you but I love this part about you and I’d be a fool to let those things that I don’t like keep me from falling deeply in love with the person.

SHIP WREK “Only A Fool” has a special feeling to it. It’s magical. The record gives us the chills and makes us want to get up and dance. There’s really something special about this record that just feels right – the R&B mixed with house music is something that we hadn’t explored until this song and we put every ounce of our lives for a good while into making sure it was perfect.

VMAN How did the collaboration come about?

GALANTIS We’re all are on the same label, and all of us have been in a very creative space making more music since touring stopped. It was great to work with them both for the first time.

SHIP WREK This one is super special to us we’ve been perfecting this track for months now to make sure it was perfect to the world. So stoked to work with Galantis and Pink Sweat$.

VMAN How has the creative experience differed during quarantine?

GALANTIS Our mindset is obviously influenced by the environment and current events happening at the moment; however, the logistics of creating music hasn’t changed too much. Being in lockdown has given us more time in the studio, which is something we’ve been longing for since we’re always on the road. There’s always a flip side to everything!

SHIP WREK During quarantine, at first, it was a bit challenging to constantly be creative. There was only so much inspiration to be cultivated from being in the house all day. Within a few weeks it became the new norm and started being easier on ourselves about letting the creativity come and go.

VMAN Do you have any advice for musicians trying to keep their craft going during this time?

GALANTIS Create just to create. Don’t pile on extra expectations of yourself just because you’re spending more time at home now. Sometimes the best ideas come from mistakes or when you’re just being creative and trying things out.

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