GANNI and Ahluwalia Launch Second Collection

The fashion brands come together again to show a new reworked denim collection. 

After a successful first collaboration, GANNI  and Priya Ahluwalia’s label Ahluwalia are back for another collection. Building upon the responsible design ethos of their first collaboration, GANNI X Ahluwalia uses reworked fabric and upcycled garments to create the new garments. 

Created during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the new collection celebrates the euphoria of life. Focusing on motifs of travel, dancing, nature, and human connection, the collection aims to bring the higher frequency feeling to clothes. It fuses GANNI’s signature styles with Ahluwalia’s 90s aesthetic to create a new denim universe. The brands look to the past, and repurpose old textiles in new and fashionable ways. The 16 ready-to-wear styles highlight the versatility and timelessness of denim, and show that a single fabric can create an abundance of styles. 

The collection features items such a trench coats, suits, and dresses for a full wardrobe takeover. The GANNI smiley and logo find their way onto abstract denim patterns that aim to make you feel like your best self. Traditional and experimental wavy patchwork are used amongst other garments. 

This collaboration marks the beginning of a new relationship between the two brands as well. Ahluwalia’s creative director joins GANNI’s new creative collection for this collaboration. The collective allows the brand to invite different talents across different fields to collaborate on new projects. As of now, Ahluwalia is the only partner, but more announcements will come. 

The collection is available starting April 21 at GANNI stores and on their website. Matches Fashion, a British luxury retailer, will carry 6 exclusive styles from the denim collection. 

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