As summer nears, eyewear—especially sunglasses—is a must to get around in the sun. Not many know that fact better than west-coast-based Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO), who have united with designer Massimo Alba to release an eyewear collection inspired by Alba’s home base of Italy.

Courtesy of Garrett Leight

The collaboration utilized Alba’s focus on Italian authentic elegance, pieces that are both comfortable and beautiful. The final product: GLCO x Massimo Alba, made with friends and family in mind but available to all, acting as an extension of both companies’ shared values. Entirely handmade in small quantities, the collection itself makes sure each piece contains unique differences, making it an personal experience for the user.

Courtesy of Garrett Leight

Composed of a range of glasses and sunglasses that is inspired by a classic ’70s pair of glasses owned by Alba himself, featuring a double bridge acetate in three different colors. Two of the colors, which Alba named Sole (Sun) and Luce (Light), refer to the bright scenery of California, while the last color, Brera, is an ode to the Milan neighborhood where Alba’s first Italian flagship store resided. Each pair of eyewear also exhibits an Alba-designed golden clover engraved next to the GLCO trademark, emphasizing the importance of small details.

The accompanying cleaning cloth, designed as a replica of one of Alba’s most iconic handkerchiefs, contains the sentence: “To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy,” sharing additionally that the handkerchief “is a sentimental, forgotten accessory used to dry your brow, tears, hands, and, for those who wear glasses like me, to clean the lenses.”

The collaboration is available on,, and in GLCO and Massimo Alba retail stores nationwide.

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