Gashi Releases New Track, “Lies” from Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album, 1984

Gashi has gifted us with another preview for 1984 before the full album drops next week.

It’s true, the fourth track from the Gashi’s yet-released sophomore album, 1984 is here. And the new song title, “Lies” continues the exploration of sounds that connect us back to the era of the ‘80s. 

In the opening verse, Gashi sings, “Misery can find company / In a broken heart / Can’t stand to look at me / ‘Cause I fall apart.” The artist then ethereally introduces the hook by later saying, “Go ahead and tell me all your lies / You’re not in love with me tonight.” From there, you might find yourself singing along or swaying to the song’s feel-good beat.

In addition to “Lies,” fans have been able to listen to “Paranoid,” “Mr. Ferrari,” and “Upset” ft. Pink Sweat$ and Njomza thus far. With the vibes intended for the album clear, Gashi re-explained his inspiration for us. “I love everything about 80s cultures. From the music to the films to the fashion and I always wished I could have experienced that time in history,” he said. His hope is to make music that makes people feel the same way he does when he hears anything from that era.

Growing in views by the minute on Youtube, one fan declared that they could totally see this song in the tracklist of an ’80s movie. But we are still anxiously awaiting the other 10 mysterious songs set to release August 7th via RCA Records. Until then, stream “Lies” below.

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