GCDS Drops Streetwear For Dogs

Your pup will be the envy of the dog park.

Edgy streetwear is going to the dogs. Teaming up with V.I.P (Very Important Puppies), Italian brand GCDS has released a streetwear-inflected collection for canines. While keeping with core brand values re: graphic apparel and accessories, the collection is tailored to various dog sizes and gaits, keeping your four-legged friend’s comfort in mind. And while he or she may be colorblind and illiterate, the pink palette¬†and catchy phrases like “J’Adore GCDS” add human-friendly touches. Perhaps best exemplifying the collection’s Paris Hilton-meets-Tinkerbell aesthetic is the GCDS-branded, candy-pink poop bag carrier, a signature of the New York-based V.I.P., a pet-focused brand founded by sisters Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas. “Bitch stole my look” has a whole new meaning.¬†



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