GCDS Unveils Gag-Worthy Nail Art Collection

Our favorite streetwear brand releases an eccentric nail campaign.

You can’t really be streetwear if your nails aren’t on point, right? GCDS, or “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear,” is bringing forward a fresh addition to its beauty family: GCDS nails. The brand’s signature graphics and vibrant embroideries are reflected brilliantly in the nail art collection, fronting two moods of street style. The first collection, the ‘essentials,’ is comprised of light pink, red, Bordeaux, and white. The second collection is bolder, with neon shades and glow-in-the-dark polish. Nonetheless, with names like “Glowhoe,” “Miami MILF,” and “Velvet D.I.C.K,” the brand never fails to bridge irony and street slang with fashion. From sexy and playful to elegant and classy, the collection is quite literally a mood board. The campaign was shot by creative director Giuliano Calza, and for the nail tips, the brand collaborated with NYC’s uber-talented Naomi Nails. Take a sneak-peek into the chic collection below.




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