GCDS x Anna Trevelyan Art Collaboration

Hands down, the coolest dressed cartoons.

GCDS kicked off the contest by picking items and pieces from current collections and giving the people at home a chance to express their creativity by illustrating their own version of GCDS products. By posting their illustration and using the hashtag #GCDSCHALLENGE  the team selected their favorite artists and from there, stylist Anna Trevelyan came into action by choosing her male and female winners, Andrea Esposito and Elena Valtroni.

“For me, I just spoke with both the artists and chose pieces available on GCDS website, then I styled a couple of characters for each,” said Trevelyan. She continued, “We had a conversation about the character, where they would be, what their personality was, and wanted to get a range of personality and style across. GCDS is for so many people and so many moods so I wanted to depict in the drawings. Make it really feel part of the GCDS universe which it did and I love.”

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See below, Trevelyan’s collaborations come to life.


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