GCDS x Hello Kitty is a Sweet Surprise

The Milan-based fashion house has teamed up with a childhood classic.

Italian streetwear brand GCDS is continuing its conversation with the iconic Hello Kitty brand for the fall season with imagery from their FW22 campaign. The photo campaign stars Elsa Hosk and was shot by Pierre-Ange, as well as consists of a flower shop pop-up created in partnership with local florists in Milan, Rome, and Paris.

The photo campaign sees a pinkifed, cotton candy-esque Dracula, who is actually Elsa Hosk, sitting at a desk drinking a cup of iced blood. She is wearing a pink sweatshirt from the GCDS X HELLO KITTY collaboration, as well as GCDS socks and platform pink heels.

On the other hand, the pop-up shop provided a physical space for people to interact with the campaign. The shop was built to resemble a flower stand you would see along the streets of Milan, Rome, or Paris. It was filled to the brim with flowers and had a custom GCDS newspaper, called ‘The Daily GCDS,’ on some of the windows and as wrapping paper for the flowers.

The collection itself consists of about 20 items ranging from accessories to outerwear. There are some clothes and items that you might more typically expect to be something Hello Kitty clothing would look like. But, there are also some pieces that are quite unique and something unexpected from licensed Hello Kitty material.

There is the black graphic t-shirt that looks like it could have come from the off-brand screenprint t-shirt kiosks, which would sell buffed-up Bugs Bunny or ‘I’m with stupid’ t-shirts. Obviously, with pink sweatpants to match. Then, there is also the goth-looking knit sweater which has fringe threads leaking from it.

Of course, they also have classic Hello Kitty depictions, and expected mergers between the two’s branding, like the brown GCDS monogram with colorful Hello Kitty faces on it for anyone who just likes the normal stuff.

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