Gentle Monster has returned with its latest collaboration, proving that the worlds of eyewear and jewelry can go hand-in-hand. Shot by photographer Yis Kid, the campaign for the capsule collection with D’heygere shows models floating in midair, being drawn together by a gravitational force, to symbolize the union between the two brands’ identities as they merge jewelry and eyewear, as well as French and Korean sensibilities, in a unique collaboration that pushes the boundaries of design.

D’Heygere Creative Director Stephanie D’Heygere says in a statement that the collection will “take the next step on typical jewelry eyewear.” This is shown in the beautifully executed design of three new pieces: the Tiara-02, the Rings-01, and the Pierced-02. Each piece takes a unique approach to jewelry eyewear by not simply attaching jewelry to the frames, but by making the frames jewelry themselves. 

For example, the structured square Rings-01 glasses have temples with multicolored rings, a brand staple for D’Heygere. The aptly titled Tiara-02 has an oversized square lens and features a metallic frame designed to look like a tiara, with jewelry detailing the temples. The Pierced-02 glasses are customizable, with detachable silver D’Heygere earrings lining the temples of a metallic, oval-shaped frame.

The new collection is presented in a classic jewelry box featuring a jewelry cushion that can be used as an eyewear case, further highlighting the essence of the partnership between Gentle Monster and D’Heygere: combining function and practicality with elegance and beauty.

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