Gentle Monster’s Pre-2022 Collection Is Futuristic Elegance

With their latest geometric venture, South Korean eyewear brand has a shape for all.

South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster debut their Pre-2022 capsule collection, releasing seven new styles in the process. The brand centers itself on product, space, styling, campaign, and service, aiming to be innovative with their designs and design process. The Pre-2022 capsule collection offers signature designs with embellished metal geometric detail. 

Unique angular silhouettes and soft round shades are introduced along with this geometric detail, symbolizing Gentle Monster’s vision for producing a variety of unique identities within the newest collection.

The seven new styles released include: Tambu, Crella, Le-01, Daru, LiLit, Locell and Reny, ranging in various shapes and styles. 

If you’re looking for something that gives a mysterious vibe, try the Crellas, which offer a smaller cat-eye shape with black opaque lenses. 

Larger silhouettes include the Locell Frame, which encompass the face and come in multiple colors, as well as the LiLit Frame, which are still larger frames yet smaller than the Locells.

Clear lenses are also available specifically for the Daru frame, which adheres to the futuristic geometric vibes of the collection. A slightly tinted lens is available for the LiLit and Reny Frames, offering a muted form of the luxe styles.

Looking for something a little different? Try out the Crella frame of Le-01 Frame which also come in a pale yellow with brown or black lenses. 

The Pre-2022 collection is available online and at Gentle Monster flagships worldwide, and will retail from $259-$320. The rest of the 2022 collection is set to be released in January of 2022.

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