George Floyd Murals Found All Over the World In Solidarity With Anti-Racism Protestors

Street artists from several countries have memorialized Floyd as protests continue in the U.S.

George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of a Minnesota police officer – as well as the recent murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade all due to police brutality – has sparked protests and collective anger within the Black community, leading to important conversations on race and inequality throughout the United States. As the seventh night of protests comes to a close, photos have flooded the Internet of protest signs and communal paintings that call for justice and have become staples of the Black Lives Matter movement.

With history currently in the making, street artists within the U.S. and across the world have voiced their solidarity with the Black community during these devastating times through their art. Murals of Floyd have popped up around the world urging for justice to be served for his murder.

Two Syrian painters, Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun, painted a mural in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province depicting Floyd, the scene of his death, and “I can’t breathe,” Floyd’s last words before he was killed. According to Arab News, Asmar and Hamdoun created this artwork “to call for peace and love” worldwide. The mural, which instantly went viral on social media, is just one example of incredible pieces that memorialize Floyd and support Black Lives Matter.

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رسامان سوريان عزيز أسمر وأنيس حمدون يرسمان لوحة جدارية تصور جورج فلويد ، رجل أمريكي من أصل أفريقي أعزل قتل أثناء القبض عليه وضبطه على الأرض بسبب ركبة ضابط شرطة مينيابوليس ، في بلدة بنش في محافظة إدلب شمال غرب سوريا في 1 يونيو 2020 تضامناً مع الضحية ورفض العنصرية في كافة اشكالها, على أحد الجدران المهدمة بقصف جوي سابق من طائرات النظام السوري . ( غيث السيد ) Two Syrian painter Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun paint a mural depicting George Floyd, an unarmed African American man who was killed during his arrest and seizure on the ground of the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, in Bunche town in Idlib Governorate, northwestern Syria, on 1 June 2020 on a wall Destroyer with previous air strikes from the Syrian regime's aircraft. (Photo/ Ghaith Alsayed)

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Other murals have popped up in Barcelona, Manchester, and Berlin, as well as artwork in Los Angeles and Minneapolis where Floyd was killed. Emmalene Blake painted a black and white image of Floyd in West Dublin, including the words “HIS NAME WAS GEORGE FLOYD” in red block letters.

In a Twitter post of the piece, Blake wrote, “Teach kids about racism and privilege. Teach them to recognise their privilege – white, class, straight, cis, male privilege and teach them to be allies. Teach them to always stand up to racism and discrimination. Teach them to do better than the generations that came before them.”

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