Georgia Votes: Alexis Ruby

Georgia Votes: Alexis Ruby

Georgia Votes: Alexis Ruby

The rising model tells V why she isn't sitting idle in this election.

The rising model tells V why she isn't sitting idle in this election.

Photography: Inez & Vinoodh

Text: Kevin Ponce

“Voting in the Georgia runoff election is important, not only because it’s crucial to use your right to vote but more importantly this election will determine whether the Republicans or the Democrats have the majority and will hold the most power in the senate. Some have even said that this fight for the senate is the American Democrats' fight for socialism. I’m voting because it’s important for me to have my voice heard and make sure that I’m speaking loud enough for others. This election is too special for the Georgia voters to just sit back and “see what happens.

“I’m not looking at too many specific issues because I typically focus on the bigger picture. Knowing that without Biden being backed by a Democrat senate, many of the bigger moves he [would] want to make will never see the light of day. I’m hopeful for many things in this election. I’m hopeful for changeI’ve always thought [that] the state of Georgia as a whole is lacking the resources and the backing to move forward in a progressive sense as a whole. The state turning blue during the presidential election was just the tip of the iceberg, [and] I can’t wait to see what my home state does for the runoff and I hope we keep the momentum running.

“Even when there are no elections happening we have got to continue to come together and speak up and have voices heard. This country has lost so much in the year 2020 and I hope others along with me are taking this time to open themselves up and dive a little deeper. Join an organization, volunteer for those less fortunate than you are, make it a point to do at least one thing nice for someone else everydayIt will create a ripple effect. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to speak to your friends and loved ones; encourage them to join you in your fight because it’s theirs too.”

Election Day

If you’d like to vote in-person for this election, just make sure you’re registered and plan out your Election Day plan so you have the time to go and vote on January 5th, 2021. Find your local polling station here, and remember how important it is to exercise your right to vote!

Need a ride to the polls? Plus1Vote is partnering with Uber to provide free rides for the current Georgia senate runoffs! You can use the voucher code “VoteGA”  for a free ride on January 5th! Available here.


Absentee Voting

You can also vote absentee for the Georgia Senate runoff.

The deadline to request an absentee ballot was December 15th.

To do so you can complete this application online (you’ll need your county, state ID number, birth date, and legal name). You can also fill out this PDF and return it to your county board of registrars via mail or email.

Absentee ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, January 5. You can also drop off your ballot at an official county drop box up until 7 p.m. on Election Day. Check your county’s election website for details and dropbox locations.

For more information, head to Plus1Vote for all of your voter questions.

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