Georgia Votes: Lily Aldridge

The model speaks with V about why the Georgia voices must be heard.

“I’m excited at the possibility of gaining the Senate seats. The Senate is so important in making decisions on how to handle healthcare in this country, our economy, climate change,  and our rights as humans. This year more than ever, it feels like people have really come together to show how powerful our voices can be. Many people, myself included, can get discouraged when voting–feeling like their vote doesn’t matter or like their vote won’t flip an entire state–but Georgia has shown up and continues to prove all our doubts wrong!

“It’s inspiring and a powerful example that when people are able to come together, change is possible! Being able to vote is an incredible gift. One vote matters, your vote matters and we can make a difference. If I can use my platform to just get one more person out there to exercise their right to vote, it feels like I’ve made a difference. My hope for the future is that this country can heal and find more peace and common ground between political parties.

“It’s been so sad to watch the politics unfold over these past few years and to continue to see the divide growing so deep in this country. Debating is needed to form a strong government but so are respect and integrity. I hope we can continue to move forward with respecting each other beyond our differences. My goal is to continue to educate myself while being open to listening and learning. I hope others will as well.”


Election Day

If you’d like to vote in-person for this election, just make sure you’re registered and plan out your Election Day plan so you have the time to go and vote on January 5th, 2021. Find your local polling station here, and remember how important it is to exercise your right to vote!

Need a ride to the polls? Plus1Vote is partnering with Uber to provide free rides for the current Georgia senate runoffs! You can use the voucher code “VoteGA”  for a free ride on January 5th! Available here.

Absentee Voting

You can also vote absentee for the Georgia Senate Runoff.

The deadline to request an absentee ballot was December 15th.

To do so you can complete this application online (you’ll need your county, state ID number, birth date, and legal name). You can also fill out this PDF and return it to your county board of registrars via mail or email.

Absentee ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, January 5. You can also drop off your ballot at an official county drop box up until 7 p.m. on Election Day. Check your county’s election website for details and dropbox locations.

For more information, head to Plus1Vote for all of your voter questions.

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