Germanier Brings Fantasy Worlds to Fall/Winter 2022

Central Saint Martins graduate Kevin Germanier shows his first collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Kevin Germanier is not looking to fit in with the rest of the designers on the Paris Fashion Week schedule. The Central Saint Martins graduate brings fantastical elements and recyclable materials to the prominent event. Through a mix of exploding techniques, and designs that draw attention and break away from the stuffiness of sophistication, Germanier stands apart from the crowd.

For the Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, Germanier channels the  bright lights, majestic aura, and hopeful nature of Paris into his collection. Neon colors blend with black and white to highlight the youthful and mature side of the city. Exaggerated textiles, such as big feathers, sequins, and multitudes of Swarovski crystals combine to create whimsical and avant garde patterns and details. A strong identity of the collection is Germanier’s  passion for incorporating recycled materials into his designs. He looks to make something new out of the old, and wants to demonstrate that recycling is not a “passion killer”. By taking the discarded scraps that no one wanted, Germanier breathes new life into these materials, and creates one of a kind looks.

The pieces are very with intricate techniques in mind. From strategically placed crystals that give off smoke effects, to extremely detailed crystal headpieces, to elaborately beaded dresses and boots, there is no lack of talent in the design and craft of the collection. Germainer focuses on “dressing attitudes and not just images”, and each outfit definitely fits a certain look and attitude. He brings out “everything that roars” in him to create each garment for the collection, and from the skill showed through these clothes, it’s very apparent. 


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