K-pop sensation ITZY is lighting up 2024 with their electrifying ‘Born to Be’ world tour, in support of the release of their latest studio album. With 32 dates across four continents, this epic tour has become a global spectacle, setting new standards for K-pop tours. Beyond their captivating performances, the outfits have also taken center stage.

Outfits akin to the infamous Bratz Dolls, the girls were decked in a bright color palette of reds, pinks, and silver, with provocative yet playful cutouts.

Yeji stood out in a dazzling silver jumpsuit adorned with sequins, capturing the light with every move and glimmering amisdt powerful choreography. Chaeryeong’s outfit featured a chic combination of streetwear and high fashion, with oversized jackets and edgy accessories that highlighted her elegant yet fierce stage presence.

Ryujin’s bold fashion choices included a mix of leather and mesh, creating a rebellious look that matched her charismatic performance style. Yuna, the youngest of the group, dazzled in vibrant, colorful ensembles emanating her youthful energy.

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