Get a First Look at RuPaul’s Upcoming Netflix Series

Tapping into his comedic abilities, Rupaul introduces AJ and the Queen.

RuPaul has become a household name thanks to the international success of Rupaul’s Drag Race, and now, sitting on his self-made throne, the drag queen mastermind is taking a turn for comedy. In the upcoming Netflix series AJ and the Queen, Ru wants fans to get to know a new identity: Ruby Red. After months of teasing, Netflix finally released a 30-second teaser ahead of the series’ 2020 release. In addition to a first look at the show’s imagery, the trailer announced AJ and the Queen’s official premiere date as January 10. 

Not so much is known of the story’s intricacies, but the synopsis reads: “Robert Lee (RuPaul), better known as the drag queen Ruby Red, has big dreams of opening his very own drag club. After years of performing in clubs all across the country, he has scrimped and saved and is one signed lease away from turning his dreams into reality until he realizes he’s been swindled by a charismatic grifter (Josh Segarra) and his eye-patch wearing partner-in-crime, Lady Danger (Tia Carrere). With his heartbroken and money stolen, Robert has no choice but to pick up the pieces and start over, and a cross country Ruby Red roadshow provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. But when AJ, a scrappy, streetwise 10-year-old escaping a difficult home life, stows away in Robert’s rundown RV, the consummate performer suddenly finds himself in a new set of shoes: de facto parent.”

An entirely contrasting pair, it seems that AJ and Ruby must band together through tough times and ultimately form an unbreakable bond. Judging by the trailer, one dramatic event after another results in a roller-coaster storyline that will surely draw an audience kept on the edge of their seats. Watch the show’s preview for yourself below.

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