Get a Taste of GucciFest: Day 3 and 4

Watch for Harry Styles, stay for the impeccable Gucci looks.

Have you ever dreamed of having an intimate phone call about art and life with Harry Styles or stretching with Jeremy O. Harris? Thanks to GucciFest, these situations are a little easier to envision.

Now, if you haven’t been keeping up with Guccifest, here’s the need-to-know. As part of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele’s initiative to take the brand in a new direction, no longer planning to show five runway collections a year, Gucci is holding a week-long film festival entitled GucciFest. Beginning on Monday, the seven part miniseries, Ouverture of Something that Never Ended, follows Italian actress and performer Silvia Calderoni as she visits friends and engages in seemingly mundane activities.

In the first episode we meet Silvia “At Home,” in the second we follow her “At the Café,” the third installment is “At the Post Office, and today’s episode takes us along to “The Theatre.”

In Silvia’s trip to the post office, we meet other impossibly stylish characters, who are on the hunt for postcards, carrying birdcages, and even having profound over-the-phone discussions with Harry Styles. Harry offers his creative views on making art, whether it be music or fashion, and Silvia delivers an eloquent love letter that reads: “Though we breath the same air, love is a wonderful thing. Ordinary oxygen doing an extraordinary thing. Your energy looks stunning. A glowing magnetic field. Worth every color of the rainbow my love for you is sealed. I love you.”

In episode 4 we go to the theatre, with renowned playwright Jeremy O. Harris helping Silvia loosen up before she takes to the stage in a freeing dance exercise. Sasha Waltz and her dance company perform and create beautiful collective motions. The viewer easily loses themselves in these mesmerizing movements, as we can see further with Jeremy O. Harris watching it all, entranced.

Written and directed in collaboration between acclaimed director Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele, each episode showcases a world in which everyone wears the latest looks from Gucci. The series also features additional clips, released daily, created by fifteen independent designers on-the-rise. Including the work of Gui Rosa, Bianca Saunders, LVMH prize finalist Ahluwalia and many more talents, GucciFest is truly a feast for the eyes.

Watch Episode 3 and 4 below, and find the full series here.

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