When it comes to couture, CHANEL certainly knows the importance of details. Hence why Virginie Viard decided to dedicate the house’s latest haute couture show to the most overlooked yet significant detail of any look: the button. Many would think “What’s so special about a button?” but any CHANEL-obsessed wearer like myself knows that CHANEL buttons are almost always like little jewels. Whether gold plated, brightly lacquered in enamel, or covered in pave crystals, these buttons that adorn specific clothing items can serve as jewelry pieces to complete the ensemble. But an up-close look at a CHANEL button can have your eye taking a closer inspection at the finer details of the garment itself. So it makes perfect sense that Viard took this notion and infused a bit of ballet-core to help bring the brand’s latest couture creations to life.

Captured by Schohaja, the photographer took to the front of the house to capture the details of what went down on the catwalk. From sequined cropped jackets with jewel-like floral embellishments to silk tutu-adorned gowns, V invites you to get up close and personal with some of the best looks we saw on the runway.

Photography Schohaja

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