Get Chaka Khan's Vivid Violet Lipstick Look From V109

Get Chaka Khan's Vivid Violet Lipstick Look From V109

Get Chaka Khan's Vivid Violet Lipstick Look From V109

Plums and bronzes abound.

Plums and bronzes abound.

Text: Carolyn Hanson

In celebration of our V109 exclusive with the legendary Chaka Khan, we're deconstructing her bold and vibrant look. The Queen of Funk graced our pages with a teal Fendi fur, metallic bronze eyeshadow and plum lipstick to contrast. Learn how to cop her look for yourself:


For a single color eye that still shines like Khan's, you'll want to use a cream shadow in a gold-toned glittery peach, like Chanel's Ombre Premiére Longwear Cream Eyeshadow in shade 802 "Undertone."  Apply it all over your lid, but also into your crease, and fan it out along the crease towards your eyebrows. There is no such thing as too much here, as long as it stays below the crease—don't get it up all the way to your browbone.

Next, you're going to want to rim the eyes with black, both a liquid liner and a kohl or a shadow. Burberry's recently released Cat Eye liner is a perfect contender. Make a medium width line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edge, tapering at the ends. However tempting, don't wing it out to make a cat eye, as that isn't the look we're going for. Next, use the kohl or shadow (located on the opposite end) and rim it very lightly around the bottom of your eyes, and give it a light smudge so as to not look too pristine.

Finally, apply mascara liberally to both your upper and lower lashes. A mascara like Givenchy Beauty's Noir Interdit is the best for this, as not only does the single-sided brush give you incredible amounts of control over how you put it on, the brush also pivots to a 90 degree angle so you make sure you get all of your lashes in one fell swoop, without having disorganized clumping on either side.


Instagram brows are out, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't fill yours in. For this basic brow look, use a product like Dior's All-in-Brow 3D to create depth. Apply the darker shade to the areas with little to no hair, and the lighter shade over the entire brow, then seal it off with the brow wax.


For a light wash of pink on your cheeks like Khan has here, try a hot pink blush (like this one from Tom Ford) along your cheekbones starting with the apple and fanning out slightly upwards towards the back. Use a very light hand, or else you'll end up covered in color.


The lips are the boldest part of Khan's look–and luckily, the easiest to get right. Pat McGrath Labs has released this shade, Deep Void 210 (a near duplicate for Khan's) as part of the MatteTrance lipstick collection. It's such a perfect plum-toned wine that it's sure to look good on any skin color.

Credits: All photos c/o their respective brands Makeup originally by George Robert Fullern


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