Get Ready for the GLAAD Awards with Charlie Carver

The actor takes VMAN along for the biggest celebration of LGBTQ+ accolades of the year

Hosted in Beverly Hills, The GLAAD Awards is an annual ceremony honoring members of the LGBTQ+ community for their contributions and achievements in media. For the 34th GLAAD Media Awards, stars from Jennifer Coolidge to Christina Aguillera lined up at the Beverly Hills Hotel to celebrate queer achievements from the past year. VMAN had the pleasure of taking to the award show with American Horror Story star Charlie Carver.


See below for the full event diary:

“I’ve noticed a really lovely shift on sets, in the makeup trailer, and while getting ready for events where there is deliberate but easygoing communication about personal boundaries. Hoping it’s reflective of larger cultural conversations about comfort and consent. I don’t mind having my face touched, but I appreciate being asked!”

“Yep, really loved this suit from Lanvin. A great suit can feel like a piece of armor. The body just knows as soon as the right suit goes on.” 

“I really do try to take one thing off before I leave the house. Coco’s rules, not mine.”

“With a new shoe, sometimes I’ll wear a crew sock under the dress one. Yes, helps prevent calluses, but now a personal ritual of sorts. Something casual underneath it all. And no, my feet don’t get too hot.” 

Suit Lanvin / Jewelry David Yurman  / Shoes Berluti / Watch Charlie’s Own

“It was right before this picture, all styled and ready to go, that I learned I would be giving the acceptance speech should our team be going up on stage. What’s behind that somewhat vacant stare? Word salad. Ultimately decided to bring a pen and some paper with me in the car. Never a good idea to wing these things…”

Suit Lanvin / Jewelry David Yurman  / Shoes Berluti

“Cavalier choice, going with all three buttons closed. Between not wearing a shirt and the high contrast of the white on black, felt like a fun way to play with a faux pas, highlighting the tailoring and details.” 

Suit Lanvin / Jewelry David Yurman

“Right as I got into the car, the sun came out. Felt like a ceremonious send-off. I’d woken up that morning to the sight of a double rainbow and was heading off to the GLAAD awards with the clouds having parted. These are the kinds of moments that crystalize into memories later on.”

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