Get Ready with Alexander Roth for the Dior Men’s Fall 2022 Show

The model and creative producer take VMAN behind the scenes before the main event.

Set against the backdrop of London’s Kensington Olympia, Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection looked to the past — Jack Kerouac, the Beat generation, and more — while also contextualizing the legacy of house founder Christian Dior for the present. This season, creative director Kim Jones mixed cropped jackets and trousers with cool-toned outerwear and graphic elements that invoked the dynamism of ’50s and ’60s youth culture. And with a star-studded audience, the youthquake-inspired collection was certainly one to remember.

Amongst that impressive roster of attendees was model, creative producer and director Alexander Roth. Below, Roth guides VMAN through his pre-show rituals, journey to the sprawling show venue, and everything in between.

“Where all nights end, I begin. Waking up from a nap with hair and makeup done is always nice, right? We’re in London for Kim Jone’s Pre-Fall collection for Dior Men. Very excited as it’s my first time in London.”

“I had Steve come over to help me get ready. I wasn’t feeling my best this day, the jet lag was kicking my ass and I was recovering from a cold. I remember sitting in the tub, chugging coffee and water and saying to myself, “fuck it.”’

“Getting dressed for the show was uncharacteristically easy this trip. We didn’t have much time but I knew exactly what I was going for.”

“I love this image, I’m not exactly sure why. The shoes really pull it together, I think.”

“The funny thing is, I lost my earring directly after this photo was taken. Didn’t have enough time to do a proper search, we were already late.”

“He emerges.”

“Yea, we’re definitely late.”

“I love this photo. So does my mom. We arrived fairly early as everyone was still mingling outside the venue. The venue was Kensington Olympia in West London, which is massive. We checked in and continued through a private exhibition of first edition books, letters, and documents personal Kim with Jack Kerouac, who wrote “On the Road”, which the show took inspiration from.”

“Waiting for the show to start, people watching is the best form of entertainment. The set of the show was a scroll, covered in words from “On the Road”. I sat next to a friend, Miles, on one side, and Loic Prigent on the other. I’ve always admired Loic. The way he documents fashion and its’ environment is very fresh. The lights go up and the scroll starts to unravel as the music blares.”

“Steve was up on the risers and got this shot. The collection was very ’50s but had this notion of going back to work, in which ever way seems right, mixings patterns that don’t necessarily match. The youthful idea of throwing anything on worked to Kim’s favor.” 

“The show ended and the doors behind the scroll steadily move apart to reveal the after party. It really did feel like a celebration. Camera’s flash, kids dance and Grace Jones blessed us with a performance i’ll tell my grandkids about. A full out of body experience.”

“A shot to end a night worth living with RJ and Chase.”

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