Get Your Halloween On With These Youtube 2020 Makeup Looks

Get Your Halloween On With These Youtube 2020 Makeup Looks

Get Your Halloween On With These Youtube 2020 Makeup Looks

Just because the times have changed, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for halloween!

Just because the times have changed, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for halloween!

Text: Lorena Caro

Halloween is not canceled. I refuse to believe it! Recent global events have called for imposed limitations on the Halloween festivities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and look your absolute spookiest this year. 

Whether it’s for yourself at home, an intimate socially distanced gathering, or even just a solo walk around your neighborhood (if you’re bold enough), here are some looks that will put you directly in the eye of the Halloween spirit. 

Carli Bybel - Coco Bandicoot Halloween Tutorial 

A new twist on a long-time favorite, this look is sure to bring back childhood memories without being too over the top. This easy look can be put together using any fluorescent eyeshadow. It’s inspired by the release of Crash Bandicoot 4, the newest installment to the video game series. 

You can pair it with a pair of trendy jeans overalls and a plain white shirt. Bonus points if you can score a fluorescent pink purse! 

Robert Welsh - Ghost Stories & Makeup

Spooky stories and makeup tutorials? Sign me up! Get into the Halloween mood with Robert Welsh as he tells you creepy stories and shows you how to put on a grungy vampire-esque look. The silver candelabra and purple lighting in the dark background add a flair of gothic glamour that will also reel you into the Halloween vibes. 

Nicole Guerriero - Halloween 2020 : The Genie

Put the spooky vibes aside for a minute, and head straight to Disney for something on the lighthearted side. If you loved the Aladdin remake as much as I did, then you’ll definitely love this tutorial. Check out the way Ms. Nicole Guerriero single-handedly transforms herself into a glam version of the genie from Aladdin. Using a combination of rhinestones, colorful powders, and blue paint, she recreates a gorgeous feminine rendition of a beloved magical Disney character. 

STRASHME - Halloween Vampire Makeup Slay

Alexa Demie fans listen up! If you loved Euphoria, then you’ll love this simple yet powerful look. Ashley Strong, aka STRASHME concocted a last-minute look inspired by an edited photograph of Alexa Demie as a vampire. The final look is grungy yet also very 2020 chic. An experimental take was similar to that of the world of euphoria. It was created using NYX Cosmetics products. 

Trixie Mattel - Peek-a-Boo Challenge with Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Collection

This Halloween, when you think of the color red, think Trixie Mattel. The season three winner of All-Stars literally transforms into a glamorous lady in red using Wet and Wild products, faux shimmery black eyelashes, and a whole lot of red body paint. If you’re looking for something extravagant and bold, yet not so complicated then this is it. 

As one commenter on Youtube put it, “Powerpuff Girls: "We've heard of HIM, but who is SHE?!”


Meet Madame Butterfly. In this video, the beauty blogger creates a tried and tested look for this year using drugstore products, stencils, and sheer ingenuity in her detailing. The blogger is usually known for her celebrity recreations, but for this spooky season she’s centered all her attention to the eyes. If there’s anything we learn from this video alone it’s that simple products can also create a lasting impact. 


Brooke Ellis is known on Instagram for her stunning FX makeup skills and her dedication to recreating beloved film and pop culture characters. On Youtube, she reveals a more in-depth sneak peek at the work that goes behind her extravagant looks. Many of the products consist of different body paints and eyeshadow palettes galore. If you’re looking for something that’s one hundred percent out of the box, check out all her channels. She posts transformations on social media all year around, so definitely keep an eye out for her newest looks. 

Credits: Photograph courtesy of Youtube


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