In a dazzling display of fashion, the Versace Spring 2024 show was a mesmerizing celebration of retro aesthetics. With a nod to the mod era of the 1960s, the collection featured bold and innovative designs that left an indelible mark on Milan Fashion Week, showing just how powerful the Versace woman is. In a gathering that brought together ardent fashion aficionados, renowned celebrities, and influential trendsetters, Madeline Argy, the hilarious TikTok sensation, made her presence known. As a prominent British content creator, she commands a staggering 6.5 million-strong following across her various platforms, all while staying true to her authentic self.

Stunning in an all-black attire, Madeline adorned an embroidered Versace black dress with black tights and chic heels, all while guiding V through her exciting event preparations. 

“jk, this is how it really started.”
“I really need to figure out a pose other than this. It’s still cute though, right?”
“I think I need to get more friends so we can all walk around in these outfits together.”
“I called room service while in the car ride home so it would be there when I arrived. Pro tip. And then I edited all night long…… my podcast is coming!!!!”
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