Ghesquière Ventures Into The Facets Of Femininty: Louis Vuitton SS23 Womenswear

This season’s looks invite juxtapositions of traditional and new wave femininity, building on Ghesquière’s fascination with time.

Conceptualized by the infamous Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton zooms in on the complexity that accompanies femininity and magnifies it. For his escapade into the latest Spring Summer 2023 debut, a pulsating “monster-flower” – designed by artist Philippe Parreno – encircles the setting, blossoming at the very heart of the collection. With the intention to glorify femininity and levitate it in the spotlight, Ghesquière re-evaluates the proportions of the garments and their adjuncts, inviting a second look.

For this season, Ghesquière adopts past codes of femininity and fuses them into the present, prompting a juxtaposition of traditional and new wave. Known for his exceptional interest in time and its relation to the now, this ’23 debut is one of the few times Ghesquière has highlighted femininity, compared to last season’s ’22 show which emphasized the evolution of fashion history. One can also notice the color scheme sets itself apart from past collections, with bolder hues and pops of chrome.

With a gracious nod to the DNA of the Maison’s atelier, silhouettes are highlighted with codes of femininity that boldly settle within the fabrics. A lock, a label, a clasp, a corner piece on a trunk, a buckle, a zip. These are the custodians of a story that endures. The essence of a subject, infinitely large and infinitely small looks, come together as an integral part of the genesis narrative.

With a palette of chromatic hues and bold neutrals, garments project robust but feminine energy. Through intricate craftsmanship and inimitable dedication, Ghesquière’s looks encapsulate the intersection between traditional femininity and the new wave.

Watch the full show below:

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