Gifts For The Tech - Obsessed Friend in Your Life

Gifts For The Tech - Obsessed Friend in Your Life

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Gifts For The Tech - Obsessed Friend in Your Life

Text: Lorena Caro

In this day and age, you’ll find hundreds of innovative gadgets and gizmos just about anywhere. 

From gadgets that assist with mundane tasks such as feeding your pet or watering to plants, to tools that will control basic home functions with the sound of your voice, there’s something out there that is sure to astound your tech obsessed friend this holiday season. 

With that one friend who would 'rather find a gadget to do a job for them' in mind, V has compiled the following list of fun, entertaining, and creative gift ideas.

Self-Sanitizing Movement Water Bottle - LARQ 

For those with an active lifestyle, consider a water bottle that actively sanitizes itself. The LARQ Bottle Movement uses UV-C LED light which comes from its cap to fight off bacteria and keep your water pure. The bottle starts at $78 and comes in two sizes. Check it out on their website


Classico Color 21 Planter - Lechuza

Nurture those plant babies! At the height of the lockdown, there was a massive surge in plant related purchases in NYC which was most likely due to their soothing effect during that stressful time. 

Friends who have a not so green thumb but still want to be part of the trend will enjoy this German- made planter with an integrated soil irrigation system. This elegant pot easily fits into small places and is guaranteed to keep your plant safe from waterlogging in heavy rain. It starts at $25 and can be found on their website


Video Doorbell 3 - Ring 

Gift your friend the option of a *smart* welcome with this 1080p HD video doorbell. It will let you see, hear, and speak to anyone on your doorstep from your phone, tablet, or PC. The doorbell features motion detection, privacy zones and audio privacy. It allows users to receive mobile notifications when anyone presses their doorbell or triggers the motion sensors. A really awesome gift that starts at $139.99 on their website

© Ring

IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer - Canon 

Photography enthusiasts will get a kick out of this mini photo printer that prints directly from your phone using bluetooth. Print 2 x 3 inch images with a sticker backing. This product is available in rose gold, mint green, and slate gray and goes for $89 on Amazon

© Canon

iRobot 675 Robot Vacuum - Roomba

Clean smarter, not harder with this futuristic robotic vacuum. Control the device with a smartphone app, and “teach” it a specific route around your home. The vacuum runs for up to 90 minutes before it automatically returns to its docking station to charge. It's also compatible with Alexa. It is currently $229 on Amazon

© Roomba

Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano - Anova Culinary

What if you had the option to cook your next meal at the perfect temperature? Gift your friend a sous vide (pronounced “sue-veed”) precision cooker that will circulate water until it hits the right temperature. Cook foods like chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork and more. All you have to do is place the food in a sealed bag and cook manually with the built-in controls or from your phone with the Anova App. It is small enough to fit into a standard kitchen drawer and goes for $99 on Amazon

© Anova Culinary

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Activity Tracker - Fitbit

Fitbit is one of the latest advanced everyday gadgets. From tracking your steps to handling calls, to linking to your bank card, this watch can do it all from the comfort of your wrist. It is the perfect gift for the tech savvy person who is always on the go. The Fitbit Charge 4 starts at $118.95 with more details available on Amazon.

© Fitbit

Temperature Control Smart Mug - Ember

For the office or for those lazy days at home. This self heating mug will warm up your drinks to an exact drinking temperature. It works for up to 1.5 hours per battery cycle, and includes the option to control it with your smartphone. The 10oz mug is currently going for $99.95 on their website.

© Ember

Touch Pro Makeup Mirror - Impressions Vanity 

This is the perfect present for that one friend who is also obsessed with makeup! This mirror has built in LED lights so that they can apply makeup under optimal lighting. It also has a built in microphone and speaker so that you can make calls and talk while you put on your makeup. You can also stream music on it! It is currently going for $129 on Amazon.

© Impressions Vanity

Metro Umbrella - BLUNT Metro

Ever been stuck in the rain with a flimsy umbrella that flops inside out at the slightest gust of wind? Not so fun. Now you can gift a friend this compact umbrella with a chic, auto-open canopy capable of withstanding wind gusts of up to 72 mph. It’s reinforced with extra struts and specially designed pockets that distributing tension to the edges of the umbrella. It currently goes for $69 on their website.

© Blunt
Credits: Cover photo courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pixabay


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