Gifts For Your Favorite Astro-Head

Gifts For Your Favorite Astro-Head

Gifts For Your Favorite Astro-Head

Manifest away...

Manifest away...

Styling: Henry Chandonnet

Astrology is far more than a scheme of future-telling whims. No, it’s a perception of self, a feeling of identity and certainty. And who doesn’t want more certainty in their life? This leads many to form deep connections with their astrological preferences, asking first dates their big three off the bat or avoiding Geminis at all costs (sorry Geminis). Either way, our affinity towards the stars and the planets makes astrology perfect fodder for gifting. Astrology is personal, and it’s specific to the individual; thus, an astrological gift can feel deeply affirming. Here’s a guide for gifting your astro-head friend, that friend who checks their Costar every day and keeps rose quartz in their bag. 


Stone and Strand Mini Zodiac Gold Diamond Necklace

A beautiful, diamond-defined reflection of your sign. 

Image courtesy of Stone and Strand

$395, Net-a-Porter

Soleil Earrings

Antique gold earrings to keep your place amongst the stars. 

Image courtesy of Jennifer Behr

$375, Jennifer Behr

Angel-Number Studs

Bring peace and wellness to your numerologist friends. 

Image courtesy of West Angel Jewelry

$40, West Angel Jewelry


Réalisation Zodiac Tee

Wear your sign on your chest. 

Image courtesy of Réalisation

$69, Réalisation

Wildflower Zodiac Phone Case

Pastel phone cases to show your astrological pride

Image courtesy of Wildflower

$37, Wildflower

Papier Astrology Planners

Plan your month in accordance with the planets. 

Image courtesy of Papier

$32, Papier


Moon Power Tarot Deck

Harness the strength of the moon with a future-looking tarot deck

Image courtesy of Sage Centauress

$72, Sage Centauress

Rose Quartz Tower

Give the gift of love with this passionate crystal. 

Image courtesy of Tiny Habits

$58, Tiny Rituals

Abundance Manifestation Candle

Top off your meditative rituals with scents of clove and chamomile. 

Image courtesy of Tip of the Moon

$20.95, Tip of the Moon


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