Gigi Hadid Gets Candid With Disposable Photo Series

Gigi Hadid Gets Candid With Disposable Photo Series

The Instagram @gisposables offers an unrehearsed glimpse of the superstar's high-fashion lifestyle.

The Instagram @gisposables offers an unrehearsed glimpse of the superstar's high-fashion lifestyle.

Text: Brooke Kushwaha

With iPhone cameras getting more and more sophisticated, the art of the disposable camera can seem like a distant throwback. Not for Gigi Hadid. The international supermodel has recently released a series of behind-the-scenes film photographs from New York Fashion Week, all published on the Instagram @gisposable. The series offers an unpolished (but still decidedly glamorous) view of the supermodel lifestyle, with candids of models, celebrities, and creatives alike as they prepare for one of the biggest fashion showcases in the world. Cara Delevingne, always ready to camp it up, hikes up her legs and sticks out her tongue during a Savage x Fenty rehearsal. Jennifer Lopez busts a move with Donatella Versace in a version of her iconic Grammys dress. We're used to seeing models at their most statuesque, but Gigi's pics prove that behind the curtain, fashion's elite know how to let loose.

This isn't the first time Gigi has taken a role on the other side of the camera. The supermodel first snapped pics behind the scenes of the Met Gala (against Anna Wintour's anti-selfie wishes), and contributed photography for V Magazine back in 2017. When V first showcased Hadid's photography, the model mentioned her long-time interest in the medium, even running her own photography service in her early teens.

"I had my own photography business. I even had a website, It’s definitely not up anymore. I took pictures of my friends and their horses for less money than the professionals. There was a lady who sold them for like $80, but mine were only $10. I’d package all the pictures in my bedroom, and my friends would give them to their moms as gifts. I think I still have some of the photographs. This was before you could take a good photo on your phone. We just had flip phones back then."

In an era where every Instagram post seems impossibly posed and curated, there's a kind of empowerment to taking one snap of a Polaroid and hoping for the best. Gigi's position as one of the most sought-after models in the world also places her in some of the most exclusive rooms in fashion, with a unique opportunity to share these moments with the masses. Where else can you see Anok Yai messing around backstage at Tom Ford? Or Kendall Jenner tossing up a middle finger at the Versace afterparty? Sure, Gigi's party pics may still look lightyears more elegant than the going-out selfies you took with your friends last weekend, but the cavalier spirit remains. And as everyone knows, a picture is worth a thousand drunk texts.

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