Gigi Journal Artist Collaboration Finalists

20 finalists from over 20,000 submissions.

Back in April, V welcomed Gigi Hadid to our CreatiVity panel! With her longtime passion for researching, discovering, and following the work of visual artists, after 5 weeks she has chosen 2o artists from over 20,000 submissions, to move forward. She and V Magazine will now profile new artists from around the globe for #GigiJournalPartTwo, arriving this summer! The project has finally come to fruition as the next chapter of Gigi Journal will see her contributing as creative director and editor, for this one of a kind issue! 

In our ongoing effort to spread positivity and bring hope to the world, V are excited to have Gigi share her unique passion and global platform to help broadcast the work of undiscovered talent. The chosen artists will now have a profile in #GigiJournalPartTwo alongside a new piece of their work, creative directed in collaboration with Gigi herself!

Brigette Hoffman (@brigettehoffman), Sculpture

Valeria Azulay (@valeriaazulay_ilustraciones), Drawing

Tess Murdoch (@tess_murdoch), Colorscape on cotton

Kathrin Marchenko (@kathrin_marchenko),  Embroidery on  tulle

Kike Besada (@kikebesada), Mixed Media

Emily Joyce (@emilyjoyceartwork), Oil on Board

Chloé Le (@mom0_4011), Drawing

Erika Lee Sears (@erikaleesears), Oil Painting

Hyei Oh (@hyei.oh), Textile construction

Holly Razavi (@hollyrazaviart), Oil on Canvas

Andrea Love (@andreaanimates), Needle Felting for Stop Motion

Misha Japanwala (@misha_japanwala), Drawing

(@8bitstories), Digital Design

Laleh Mohmedi (@jacobs_food_diaries), Food Art

Liam (, Needle and thread

Ran (@konel_bread), Food Art

Tatsuya Tanaka (@tanaka_tatsuya), Miniature sculpture

Adam Hillman (@witenry), Object Arrangement

Martha Haversham (@smallditch), Visual Art

Austyn (@austyn), Oil on Canvas


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