Gigi x Reebok: Work Hard, Play Harder

Gigi x Reebok: Work Hard, Play Harder

From the Volleyball court to a tell-all interview complete with photos clad in her designs, the sports jockey turned supermodel shows how exercise is just play and the 90s did it best.

From the Volleyball court to a tell-all interview complete with photos clad in her designs, the sports jockey turned supermodel shows how exercise is just play and the 90s did it best.

Text: Reshmi Kaur Oberoi

On the eve of the Gigi x Reebok launch, Gigi Hadid posted a photo series of her sporting–pun intended–pieces from the collection: Ankle-length white socks tucked into platform sneakers in the classic Reebok design with a refreshed black-Southwestern turquoise-nectarine orange color scheme and a platform sole. Her white tracksuit had geometric panels colored in the same trifecta of retro hues. The mostly solid suit is cut differently from the non-silhouette of physical educational teachers with whistle-adorned necks. The ghost from whistle’s past is in the form of a zipper that opens into a drawstring shawl-collared hoodie. A solid white tank layered beneath the cropped hoodie is paired with matching pants that though retain a relaxed waist, are tapered from the knee down–it’s the not yet evolved ancestor of your jodhpur silhouette. But if her launch event held at Dream Charter School meant anything, its that fashion doesn’t trump function.

An addendum to Hadid’s photo series that accompanied her prelaunch in-depth interview, showed her levitated in a runner’s stance, her namesake sneakers mid-air. Hadid’s most recent post was at the Charter School where she was pictured candidly and in-action on the Volleyball court. She had on the sneakers–the same pair photographed on set. She was signing sneakers, surrounded by a girls with extended arms, to showing them how to serve, to part-taking in a cardio session that made for an action-shot demonstrating just how adaptable the sneakers are–her gaze focused and oblivious to the lens, her body contorted in a quasi-plié.

Reebok’s live site featuring the capsule collection 20 items refers to the update on classics as a 90’s throwback, that is of late, an industry-wide trend. The lowest-priced item at $35 is a graphic tee. The highest-priced is a pair of Hi-top Nova Ripple sneakers that come in either solid white or black leather. The updated lace-ups are the brand’s first fitness show for women, this time with a chunky platform and less delicate look. Hadid had designed sneakers with the brand in Fall 2018, including a spruced up Nova Ripple that wasn’t a hi-top nor had an elevated heel. In fact, it is now marked down – 54 percent off. The sneakers’ 8 reviews average 4.3/5 stars. On November 14, Hadid made the first announcement about her first athleisure collection – an up-close photo of part of the few limited pieces for sale that debuted on December 7.

For Hadid, sports were her forte, qualifying for junior Olympics in volleyball. “I am really grateful for the time I spent playing in high school and still use so many tools I learned as an athlete in my work life today. The work ethic, dedication, and drive you develop, as an athlete is hard to unwire. I go back and surprise my old coach’s teams at practices whenever I get a chance,” Hadid told longtime friend, Serena Williams for V back in July 2018. And her coaches repaid the favor when they attended the launch event in NYC. “Two of my high school volleyball coaches have come across the country to o help me launch this first #REEBOKxGIGI collection with a day on the court. This amazing collision of worlds is the epitome of what this collection means to me and I really hope you love wearing it in and out of the gym,” she captioned more than one post. Every post included the kicker and the collection’s motto: “It’s made for play!”

Noted, Gigi – The collection doesn’t harp on working out, driving yourself to the bone, and instead focuses on the effortless active lifestyle. In an exclusive clip of the design process, Hadid states a pretty deducible factoid: her niche style is active wear. Coco Rocha posted an Instagram video wearing and highlighting Gigi’s sneakers, dancing on the floor-to-ceiling length window frame in what seems to be her NYC apartment. The dance is atypical – a series of Feng-Shui movement sped up with a tinge of seduction. Gigi took notice and in truth, Rocha displayed the feminine-touch to an otherwise androgynous accessory – a look Gigi seemed to be capturing, especially when making sure to note that the sneakers came in “unisex sizes,” and were classified neither as men’s nor women.

So if the Groundhog’s inability to see his own shadow, therefore predicting an early Spring, has foreshadowed anything, its that its prime time to be geared for time spent in the outdoors with Gigi Hadid’s Reebok collection. Back to the grind in the New Year, in at the desk or on the “dread-mill,” work hard, play hard, couldn’t be truer. And what better way than with Gigi X Reebok: After all, it’s made for play.

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