GIORGIO ARMANI Celebrates Love At Art Basel 2022

The Italian luxury brand created sculptures of love for the 20th Miami Art Basel.

On November 29, 2022, Giorgio Armani unveiled a new sculpture project in honor of Art Basel Miami. The project is an exploration of love in all its forms and combines art, fashion, and technology together to create a multi-dimensional conversation that reflects on how we relate to and express the idea of love.

The LOVE project, as it has been dubbed by Giorgio Armani, sees four large-scale blue animal sculptures, which were created by the Italian artist Marcantonio, positioned in some of the most beautiful corners of the Miami Design District.

Each of the blue animal sculptures depicts unexpected animal pairings embracing elements of love. Including a gorilla and duck, a deer and a bird, an elephant and a bear, and a rhino and a koala. All of which are seen embracing inter-species love in various forms.

Giorgio Armani love

The animals in the sculptures are also the main characters of an augmented reality adventure. After unlocking the experience through a QR code, the animals come to life and lead the viewer along an unexpected path, which has as its destination the Giorgio Armani store.

But that’s not all the LOVE project had in store. As part of the project, a selection of genderless garments and accessories with a sporty approach to shapes and fabrics were launched exclusively at the Design District boutique as well as Garments include luxurious knitwear, sweatshirts, cotton Bermuda shorts, and an oversized shirt all with elements of the blue from the sculptures to tie together the art and the clothing.

To help celebrate the launch of the LOVE project Giorgio Armani invited big names in the media, arts, and entertainment world to a private cocktail party held at the Giorgio Armani Design District boutique. Some of the stars that came dressed in the designer included Jessica Wang, Chriselle Lim, Mary Leest, Coco Basey, Emma Brooks, Sira Pervida, Pritika Swarup, Olivia Ponton, Eric Nam, VĂ­ctor Cruz, Nyle DiMarco, London on da Track, Bambi Northwood-Blythe, Allie Teilz, and Bruna Gadelha.

If you love The LOVE project and the collection, the clothing is now available for purchase on their website, and the sculptures are still up for your viewing pleasure if you happen to be near Miami.

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