Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2020

One of the sharpest Emporio collections to date.

For his Fall/Winter 2020 menswear collection, the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani took the old menswear classics and reimagined them in today’s contemporary context. Mixing street and sportswear staples with old-fashion tailoring, the designer brought iconic patterns like checks, glen plaids and herringbones to Milan.

With this modern take on the wardrobe classic, Mr. Armani wanted to appeal to a younger audience—those “who are having fun with sporty looks, and who wouldn’t think twice about wearing a ski jacket in the city.” For that reason, this season’s range featured urban wear mixed with pieces made for venturing out to the great outdoors: chunky hiking boots with tailored suits and cuffed trousers, long black puffers with a dusting of rainbow spray paint.

An array of hiking boots and puffers was followed by a very special surprise, courtesy of the EA house: in a grand finale, a sporty EA7 capsule took the runway. Full of outerwear—puffers, ponchos, knitwear—all made from recycling fabrics and championing a very relevant slogan for today’s day and age: “I’m Saying Yes to Recycling.”

In the words of Armani himself, “It’s my ad for Planet Earth.”

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