Giorgio Armani Mare is going on tour to bring the style and elegance of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection to some of the hottest cities and notable destinations across Europe and Asia. 

Starting in Porto Cervo, the breathtaking garments will be displayed on tour against a gorgeous backdrop. The mix of dusty and light blues, tropical leaf patterns, and palm trees create the perfect environment to showcase a collection fit for any summer occasion. The space is completed with woven mannequins and other furnishings that contribute to the saucy marine motif the line provides.

Courtesy of Armani

The collection offers a complete wardrobe for women. There is no shortage of style, with tunics, fluid trousers, pareo skirts, long dresses, little tops, bodysuits, and shorts in linen, satin, or knit, this collection gives you everything you need for a summer wardrobe. With an extensive line of swimwear, each piece is thoughtfully designed in deep color blocks that offer a simple, yet timeless beach look. The collection also includes a range of accessories including, beach bags, matching clutches and beach towels, raffia bags, and espadrilles. All of these designs pair perfectly with the tour’s picturesque setting; a love letter to the rich cultures and breathtaking vistas.

The collection also sports a men’s line, including waistcoats and soft trousers artfully designed with geometric patterns, monograms, tie designs, and chevrons, playing with the use of linen and délavé linen across shirts, polo shirts, and Bermuda shorts. The linens are breathable, bright, and playful, a perfect combination that stresses versatility and makes the transition from day to night effortlessly simple. 

Courtesy of Armani

For those who won’t be there to witness the tour – no need to worry. The collection will also be available in all Giorgio Armani boutiques worldwide, so you can get your little slice of European summer without having to book a flight. 

The collection revers the sea for its beauty, and to this end, Armani has partnered with One Ocean Foundation to advocate for a sustainable future. The One Ocean Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting marine ecosystems and promoting a sustainable blue economy. The partnership comes in anticipation of World Oceans Day, a holiday that raises awareness for the dire issues that face marine life today. In an effort to help preserve the already fragile marine ecosystem, Armani pledges to work with the One Ocean Foundation’s scientific committee on new projects to protect marine and coastal biodiversity. Environmental strides have already taken shape on the tour; A project is set to launch in Porto Cervo to restore and conserve the coastal dune belts.

Following its debut on the Costa Smeralda, the journey continues to seaside boutiques and with special activities at pop-ups, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience.

Seaside boutiques:

Puerto Banús (May 24th)

Porto Cervo (April 6th)

St. Tropez (April 6th)

Cannes (open all year)


Taormina at Parisi Woman Boutique (June 13th)

Shanghai Plaza 66 (June 16th)

St. Tropez at the Bagatelle club, which will be personalized with Giorgio Armani Mare for the occasion (July 1st)

China – Sanya Capella Hotel (July 1st)

Sylt (July 7th)

Shenzhen Mix City (July 13th)

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands (July 13th)

Riviera Zushi Marina (July 30th)


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