Following Giorgio Armani’s one-night-only events popping up everywhere from Tokyo, Beijing, and Rome, to Paris, Dubai, and London, Mr. Armani himself hosted a cocktail party on his midnight blue yacht a mere 200 feet above the water. The evening event boasted attendees like Jessica Chastain, Kerry Washington, Sydney Sweeney, Lukas Gage, Sophia Loren, and even the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro.

The night began with a cinema-themed runway show featuring classically Armani form-fitted looks and exaggerated silhouettes, hugging the figure while other pieces flowed loosely. While most of the collection was a series of signature black, white, and cream looks, color was used to make a statement in pieces like a tulle bubblegum dress with a sequined bodice, or a long ultramarine blue skirt paired with a shimmery black and teal color-blocked halter.

Despite the smaller crowds at the festival due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Armani had no issue with attendance at the event. The runway was held at the Arsenale on the eastern side of Venice against the backdrop of the infamous Tese delle Nappe. The collection, inspired by the beauty of Venice, was perfectly framed against the scenic background as Antonio Vivaldi’s, “The Four Seasons” played through the show.

Armani’s connection to Venice and its ever popular film festival is nothing short of magical, as the brand has dressed countless stars for the festival premieres and has an affinity for the cinema world, beloved by locals and Hollywood’s elite alikebest showcased by the Mayor of Venice’s token of appreciation in the form of the Golden Lion in Murano glass, which Mr. Armani was officially gifted after the runway show as a form of recognition from the city of Venice itself for his relentless and undying impact on the city.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Following the brand’s commitment to sustainability, all suppliers of the event have to comply with the houses environmental codes. The ‘one night’ series promotes plastic and food waste reduction, and requires all lights to be LED. Any offset emissions will be counteracted by environmental projects spearheaded by Armani like ‘Sea the Change’.

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