Girls of Now: Sky Ferreira

Girls of Now: Sky Ferreira

Girls of Now: Sky Ferreira

Photography: Sharif Hamza

Styling: Tom Van Dorpe

What was your biggest moment of 2012?

Playing live for the first time in L.A. with my band and having the venue completely packed with people who were really into it.

Who is your favorite It Girl of all time?

Joan of Arc.

Who is the next It Girl on your radar?

Kiernan Shipka. I know everyone loves Sally Draper already, but I adore her. I want to be her—in the least creepy way possible. She’s only 12 and she’s already way cooler than the rest of us.

What is your style philosophy for 2013?

I’ve officially stopped wearing things I don’t feel comfortable in.

Check out Sky in our New Sounds feature in V78, and in "Who's That Girl?" in V75, and watch her video for "Sad Dream" in Desert Trend. Ghost is out now and I’m Not Alright is available in January from EMI/Capitol Records.

Credits: Makeup Romy Soleimani for (Management + Artists)  Hair Rudi Lewis (Management + Artists)  Manicure  Gina Edwards using Chanel (Kate Ryan Inc.)  Digital technician Julia Comita (Blank Digital)  Photo assistants Matthew Hawkes, Myles Blankenship, Corey Jenkins  stylist assistants Carrie Weidner and Pablo Marcus Bien  Retouching Blank [Post]  Locations Fast Ashleys Brooklyn and Root [DRIVE-IN]


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