Giu Giu Delivers the Latest in Italian Chic

Giu Giu Delivers the Latest in Italian Chic

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Giu Giu Delivers the Latest in Italian Chic

"Playful" is in.

"Playful" is in.

Photography: Cary Fagan

Text: Juliana Bakumenko

Designer Guiliana Raggiani’s latest collection for the label Giu Giu has arrived, along with a fun lookbook. The granddaughter of Palmira Giglia, designer of the iconic Vaccaro Turtleneck, Giuliana’s signature Nonna Turtleneck is an updated take on her grandmother’s original genius. Having worked with Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, and Anthropologie, Raggiani established her own brand, Giu Giu, in 2013.

Giu Giu’s Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, Frequenza, is launching this week, drawing inspiration from a broad range of sources. Partially inspired by a recent trip to Japan. Raggiani was drawn to ritualistic moments, translating into her desire to play with the concept of uniforms in this collection. The new Nonna turtleneck and pant set has been screen printed in Tokyo using text from a Japanese newspaper, an object in our daily routine we sometimes overlook. This season’s accessories also reflect Giuliana’s ties to Japan, traditional Tabi socks reinterpreted in a capsule collection, including the Nonna Tabi sock and the “Air” five-finger sock.

There are supernatural themes to the collection as well, the Nonna sweater coming in “Genie” electric blue, “Moldavite” green glitter, and the earth-toned “Onyx.” The organic nature of the collection continues in the color “Bloom,” as Raggiani found beauty in the blue dust on blueberries in Oregon.

The transcendental essence of the collection weaves through the novelty styles and intriguing style names, from the gold velour “God is My Source” sweater and “Halo” pant to the Italian mohair “Guardien” vest. “God is My Source” is also an intriguing collaboration piece between Giu Giu and Zeno Jones, Big Sean’s manager.

And of course, no collection released during the pandemic would be complete without a mask, the new Nonna surgical mask intended for everyday use.

The Italian designer has found individuality and freedom to be the basis of her brand, evident in the lighthearted flow of the latest lookbook as well. The polaroid-esque images give off a ’90s New York/LA cool, examining the varying pieces of the collection in a range of movements and positions.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, Giu Giu’s latest collection reminds us to have fun with fashion, something that’s possible even when we’re lounging on our sofas 24/7. Find the collection here this week.

Credits: Images Courtesy of Giu Giu


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