Giuseppe Zanotti Debuts “Living Room” Loungewear

First look at the luxury designer’s quarantine child.

For many, quarantine has been the time to process what’s happening around them, evaluate the current state of the world and reflect on their own thought and behavior patterns. While working from home during the lockdown, Italian footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti had a revelation of his own — and it is now manifesting in his first ready-to-wear capsule collection for the luxury accessory brand.

Dubbed “Living Room,” the range is crafted from the finest materials and embellished with the brand’s personal details, such as Giuseppe Zanotti signatures, gold embroidery and exposed zippers. “During my free time in quarantine, I found myself wearing tracksuits,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “It got me thinking, why wouldn’t I make my own, exactly how I wanted, in exactly the materials I liked?”

What started out as a personal project evolved into a streamlined and timeless capsule collection of locally manufactured T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and drawstring pants made of superior hypoallergenic cotton. To celebrate the launch, American skateboarder Evan Mock premiered the pieces in L.A. in quarantine. “I love Evan’s style and attitude — easy but purposeful,” Giuseppe explains.

The tightly edited collection will be available worldwide exclusively on and will come in two different drops, with the tees landing on August 4th and the capsule dropping later in the month. In addition to ready-to-wear, Giuseppe is working on a special “Living Room” sneaker set for a debut later this year.

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